Events in England

I trust everyone has heard about the arrest and imprisonment of activist Tommy Robinson for ‘breach of the peace’. I’ve said before that I don’t agree with ‘civic nationalism’ because it is false — multicultural ‘nationalism’ is a contradiction in terms.

I was never a fan of Robinson because his ‘English Defence League’ made quite a show of being ‘diverse and inclusive’ in membership, and displaying Israeli flags and Zionist symbols. However, all that aside, the question of his right to free speech,  his right to legal representation, and a proper trial are real concerns. The UK appears to have become a de facto police state where citizens, especially native-born White citizens, have few, if any, rights.

So even though Tommy Robinson is not a real nationalist, or may be a ‘plant’, the fact that he is being dealt with so harshly is something that should concern us, those of us who care about the UK, or England (remember that place called England?).

When the story broke about Robinson, a lot of the comments online seemed to question why on earth the UK authorities appear to repress native-born citizens and to flagrantly side with aliens, even those accused (and convicted) of heinous crimes against young girls (and boys), native-born English/British children. This is unconscionable. What kind of government does this?

The answer may be in something called the Lancaster Plan, which I posted about a few times on this blog and my other one — and no one commented. I don’t know if that was because people disbelieved the idea of such a plan existing, but if true, it would certainly explain what is going on with the UK and its feckless, spineless ‘leadership.’ So I will offer this link wherein the writer again recounts the outlines of the Lancaster plan, and please note a comment near the bottom of the page, posted a few days ago, in which the writer offers a little more information and a link. Food for thought.




I hope there are still a few persistent souls who have checked in on this blog. To those who may still be interested in reading this blog, my apologies for the long absence.

I hope I will be posting regularly soon, though maybe not frequently.  Thanks for reading.

‘Germany should be German’=controversial?

Singer Morrissey is apparently creating ‘controversy’ (again) by simply saying:

“I want Germany to be German. I want France to be French. If you try to make everything multicultural, you will not have any culture in the end.

All European countries have fought for their identity for many, many years. And now they just throw it away. I think that’s sad.”

The Express newspaper labels Morrissey as ‘controversial Smiths frontman’ Morrissey. But since when is it controversial to say that a country should be populated by the people indigenous to that land for many, many generations? Up until very recently that was a given. It was something we all took for granted: Germany should be German, France should be French — and England should be English.

And speaking of the English, I see that Wikipedia labels Morrissey an ‘English singer’, yet it also states that he was born of two Irish parents. I will concede that he could be called ‘British’ because that term includes the various (indigenous) peoples of the UK, and apparently Morrissey was born in the UK, not Ireland, yet he is of Irish ancestry not English. I believe this is the dishonest media’s way of further undermining the idea of a distinctive English ethnicity. Up until now, it seems the term English was reserved for people of that descent rather than just anyone who happens to have been born in England proper — or now, in the UK. Am I splitting hairs? No. Ethnonationalism is about acknowledging the various ethnic groups as peoples with their own rightful territories, rather than identifying them only by their place of birth or their documents — ‘citizenship’ papers or passports. ‘Paper citizens’ are not the same as indigenous people who have a long history in a given piece of land.

Whether Morrissey is English or ‘British’ or Irish, at least he seems to be a realist as regards the idea of nations as peoples. And he is absolutely right in his statement about multiculturalism. Multiculturalism just results in an amorphous conglomeration of dissimilar peoples united only by geographic location and ultimately by no culture except for the ugly, crass ‘pop culture’ which currently infests all Western countries: celebrity worship, the desire for more ‘stuff’, gadgets, toys, smartphones, porn.

I can’t say I’ve followed Morrissey’s career or his various ‘controversial’ statements on current events. I doubt he is an ethnonationalist strictly speaking but he that isn’t against us is for us — or may be for us, at least.

As for Merkel and Germany, I’ve been appalled at her reckless and stupid actions in welcoming in hordes of hostile ‘refugees’ but is she the one calling the shots? It seems that most commentators blame her when in fact she is not that powerful in herself; she is doing somebody’s bidding. Her bosses are the ones who decided that Europe was to be obliterated via invasion and miscegeny, and this idea is not a recent thing; it dates back at least to Count Coudenhove-Kalergi and others of like minds, including those who founded the European Union (under the guise of an innocuous ‘common market’) decades ago.



Enoch Powell on Britain in the EU

Powell is speaking below about Britain joining, in 1973, what was then called the European Economic Community, or EEC. Sounds benign enough, doesn’t it? But he saw it for what it was: ultimately a surrender of sovereignty.  (The EEC as such is no more; it is the EU.)

“I was born a Tory, am a Tory and shall die a Tory. I never yet heard that it was any part of the faith of a Tory to take the institutions and liberties, the laws and customs which this country has evolved over centuries and merge them with those of eight other nations into a new-made artificial state, and what is more to do so without the willing approbation and consent of the nation.”

As usual he was more far-sighted and perceptive than most of his contemporaries and his warnings weren’t heeded.


‘Demonisation’ of the older generations

I’ve written on this before on the other blog, and have found few who will agree with my point of view. But it’s worth taking less than half an hour to watch this video which deals with what I call the (rather one-sided) generation warfare which seems to have started here on this side of the Atlantic but is now apparently going strong in the UK, mainly centered on the Brexit issue. It seems that the young (or middle-aged) are blaming the older generations for the Brexit approval, calling their elders ‘xenophobes’, among other things.

Wait: in this country, young(er) people — mainly from age 50 on down, that is, Gen X’ers and millennials, are blaming elders for the opposite reasons, because ”They” let in all the immigrants and were too liberal. In other words older people are being attacked from both left and right. Make sense?

It’s funny, I mean funny in an odd way, that the young right in America agrees with leftists like Oprah Winfrey who famously said that Old White People needed to die:

“…there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.”

In one quick, thoughtless breath, Oprah added another tenet to Libthink: Not only are all racists white, but they also need to “just die,” every last one of them.

Once all those old, white racists “who were born and bred and marinated in it” have died, then America will be forever purged of racism.”

The video clip of her comments is here for those who need to see and hear her say it. Compare that with the clip from British TV, and the attitudes of the anti-Brexit, Pro-EU left, the younger generations. The same kind of rhetoric is heard there.

By the way, if you watch the British video you will hear the terms ‘Remoaners’ or ‘Remainiacs’ for those who opposed Brexit. Just to let you know, if you’re unfamiliar with those terms.

I really don’t care what rationalizations people come up with, left or right, about why they have such contempt for their elders; the latter could just as easily find plenty of fault in the younger generations — who, statistically speaking are most far left, and bear more than their share of blame for the situation in the UK and in all Western countries.

I’d like to see an end to this ‘generational blame game’; it betrays an adolescent mindset which seeks to put the blame on someone, anyone else. And it appears that much of it is based not on politics but on economics: ”it isn’t fair that they grew up in a more prosperous country and had an easy time!”

And more than that, I think this whole generational blame thing is a meme that was seeded by those who want to divide us further, Lord knows we are already divided enough. This is true on both sides of the Atlantic, apparently.




Our ‘American’ customs

It’s just about over for another year, but Hallowe’en is an example of British culture which traversed the Atlantic with our forefathers. There are still people who insist that our country was multicultural if not multiracial from the beginning, and that it has no particular connection, ethnically or culturally, to Britain. But when you look at our traditions and customs and even the games that children play, you see many evidences of our British/English origins.

If you’re interested, read here about how children in Victorian Britain celebrated Hallowe’en, such as carving faces on turnips to make ‘turnip lanterns’. In the U.S., pumpkins were substituted for turnips, to make Jack-o-Lanterns, though in some localities in earlier times, children carved lanterns from turnips or other root vegetables.

“Trick-or-treating” seems to have been an American introduction, and according to some sources it didn’t become widespread until mid-20th century, while other sources say it was a custom much earlier, a century or more ago. The origins of it are uncertain but according to this article, it may have been inspired by an Irish custom, with old Celtic Samhain celebrations. However, the British Guy Fawkes customs may have played a part in the development of some American Hallowe’en customs:

“Still another potential trick-or-treating predecessor is the British custom for children to wear masks and carry effigies while begging for pennies on Guy Fawkes Night (also known as Bonfire Night), which commemorates the foiling of the so-called Gunpowder Plot in 1605. On November 5, 1606, Fawkes was executed for his role in the Catholic-led conspiracy to blow up England’s parliament building and remove King James I, a Protestant, from power. On the original Guy Fawkes Day, celebrated immediately after the famous plotter’s execution, communal bonfires, or “bone fires,” were lit to burn effigies and the symbolic “bones” of the Catholic pope. By the early 19th century, children bearing effigies of Fawkes were roaming the streets on the evening of November 5, asking for “a penny for the Guy.” ‘

The Northern Irish seem to be very big on Hallowe’en celebrations. According to this article, the city of Derry is now the ‘best Hallowe’en destination in the world.’

It seems that Hallowe’en as we know it is a product of our British Isles heritage. Apparently other European countries now have some kind of observances of that evening but they seem to have been following American customs, since the media make our culture known just about everywhere. And much of our traditional culture, whether some like to admit it or not, was at its inception an inheritance from the British Isles. Now as we live in this ‘global culture’ via mass media and casual mass migration from one hemisphere to another, we will no doubt see our customs and traditions mutated further, unless we consciously preserve our distinct ways.




On the percentage of British settlers in America

Sinclair Kennedy, writing in 1914:

“A French student divides the American people into two groups: those whose ancestors were in the United States previous to 1880, and hence almost totally British, and those descended from persons immigrating since that time. The former, according to his computation, comprises more than one-half of the present population of the United States. And of the latter, one-third at least are likewise of British stock.

A total of two-thirds, or perhaps even of three-fourths, of the American people to-day are, he concludes, the descendants of Britishers.(1) The Irish he considers an important element. Of the result of the mingled immigrations of the Irish and other Celts with the Scandinavians and Germans, an American student says: ‘When we remember that it was the crossing of the Germanic and the Celtic stocks that produced the English race itself, we are obliged to assume that the future American people will be substantially the same human stuff that created the English common law, founded parliamentary institutions, established American self-government, and framed the Constitution of the United States.’

(1) Pierre Leroy-Beaulieu, Les Etats-Unis au Vingtieme Siecle, Paris, 1904, pp. 25-26.

From the book The Pan-Angles: A Consideration of the Federation of the Seven English-speaking Nations, by Sinclair Kennedy, 1914.

The viewpoint expressed by the French scholar was the consensus then, a little over a century ago. But now there is much more confusion and dissension.

The question of what group made up the majority of the early colonists and settlers is perpetually being disputed here and there on the Internet. The conflict is usually about whether German-descended Americans are the majority or whether the Anglo-Saxon or British descendants are the majority. This seems never to be resolved, and in most of the arguments I’ve witnessed, the German descendants seem to win by sheer insistence on the truth of their claim, though no evidence is usually offered. I don’t suppose the question will ever be settled, as the pro-German side will not accept any evidence that throws doubt on their assertions.

However I thought this point, made by an English commenter, made an interesting point:

American mitochondrial DNA_ed

This comment got my attention and roused my curiosity. I searched for something related to genetic testing for the mitochondrial DNA, but I didn’t come up with anything verifying this.

The comment mentions that the founding female population in the colonies overall was predominantly British, mostly English. Yes, there were other colonies established by other European nationalities, but they were fewer in number and at some point blended together with the other colonists. The Dutch and the English were intermarrying at an earlier date; the two nationalities are genetically closer, the Dutch being closer kin to the English than any of the other nationalities who had colonized this continent.

It’s also true that the English colonists tended to take wives and families when they colonized North America, and not to arrive as single men as did many of the other Europeans, such as the Spanish, who intermarried with the native Indians in their colonies, or the Dutch, who did likewise in certain of their colonies later on. The French tended not to bring families with them, and intermarried with the Indians, hence the Métis people, who have become sort of a people unto themselves.

It does certainly seem plausible that British women were a larger percentage of the female population in the early colonies.

There are other factors in why the British genetic contribution to America is underestimated, some of which I’ve mentioned in other posts. The fact that so very many different ethnicities have since settled in America, and when counting the various ethnic groups the ‘pie’ is being split into so many pieces that of course the British percentage gets smaller, as we are not getting many new British immigrants.

And then, obviously with the mixed-European people who may not even know what their genetics are in detail — how much of their ancestry comes from what country, they may only pick an identity based on the nationality of their surname. And even that can give erroneous impressions. Some of my ill-informed relatives have been known to say that one of our family surnames is ‘Irish’ when it is in fact English. In that way, as well as in other ways, people get confused over their ethnic identity.

Unfortunately I don’t see any resolution to the question of which ethnicity is the majority of the White American population. It seems, though, that there is quite a collection of people who are determined to depose the English/British descendants as the acknowledged majority amongst White Americans.



King Alfred and the White Horse

Yesterday, 26 October, is commemorated as the death anniversary of King Alfred, usually known as Alfred the Great.

uffington horse_sm

The White Horse, or Uffington Horse, on the Berkshire Downs


G.K. Chesterton wrote a long poem, The Ballad of the White Horse, published in book form, (you can read it here), in which he describes a message King Alfred received in a vision of the Virgin Mary. He was at that time besieged by the Danes and he called for divine guidance or help to defeat the invasion. Now, I don’t share Chesterton’s Catholic faith but the poem is an inspiring one and it seems to foresee the events of our present day in a cryptic way.

Elisabeth G. Wolfe describes Chesterton’s poem as ‘Literature you should know,’ and offers much more detail here.:

“Civilization is under attack. An army masses to destroy Christians and their hated book learning, to plunder their wealth and ravish their women. Unless these savages are stopped, the lights may go out for good… but the Christian forces are few and scattered. Hope for victory seems dim.

This plot sounds like it’s ripped from the headlines, and it could have been—twelve centuries ago.”

The rest is at the link.

As to the horse, it and the other chalk figures similar to it are fascinating in themselves.

The Mystery of the White Horse of Uffington

Second chalk figure discovered near Uffington white horse

Against all odds, England’s massive chalk horse has survived 3,000 years

The odds may seem to be against England (that is, the people) surviving today’s invasion but let’s hope that like the Uffington white hose, England and the English people will defy the apparent odds.

‘Disarmed, before the foreigner…’

Recently, the news from the UK was that the regime government would imprison people for terms of up to 15 years for simply viewing what they call ”far-right propaganda” online.  I have to say my jaw dropped when I read that, though it should be no surprise.

Now, we read that the UK police arrested ‘at least 3,395 people’ — at least nine people a day — for ‘offensive comments’ online.

“Figures obtained by The Times through the Freedom of Information Act reveal that 3,395 people across 29 forces were arrested last under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003, which makes it illegal to intentionally “cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another”, in 2016.

The true figure is likely to be significantly higher, as thirteen police forces refused to provide the requested information and two did not provide usable data.”

The fact that about half the charges were dropped before being prosecuted is considered an admission that the government is being overzealous and too heavy-handed, but that should not mitigate the disturbing nature of these arrests, and the criminalizing of what should be free speech.

News articles, the link above included, mention that a number of instances of nonwhite ‘hate speech’ against Whites were exempted, with no arrests made in even very high-profile cases of offensive anti-White comments. One recent example:

“Similarly, people who reported mixed race transgender model Munroe Bergdorf for saying “the white race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth” in a segment produced and aired by the publicly-funded BBC — an apparent violation of the laws against ‘inciting racial hatred’ — were met with official indifference.”

The role played by social media, notably Facebook and Twitter, in sicking authorities on those who trespass against holy political correctness, should be noted here. Those platforms should be referred to as arms of the regime, not as benign and supposedly neutral ”social media.”

Political correctness, which is simply a code that is meant to shield nonwhites and non-Christians from criticism or ”offense”, and above all, it’s a way of disarming Whites; it takes away our right to voice our grievances or even to simply speak certain truths.

But it does illustrate plainly where exactly power resides, and it is not amongst White people, especially White males. In Britain it discriminates against indigenous English, Welsh, Scots, and Cornish people, in favor of strangers and invaders.

It is meant to emasculate and disarm Whites, as others have noted as well.

By the way, the source of the title of this post is from The Fox’s Prophecy, supposedly a prediction of England’s future, written in the 19th century:

“The footsteps of th’ invader,
Then England’s shore shall know,
While home-bred traitors give the hand
To England’s every foe.

Disarmed, before the foreigner,
The knee shall humbly bend,
And yield the treasures that she lacked
The wisdom to defend.”

We in America are proud that we still, as of now, have the right to defend ourselves, and to bear arms; we are not disarmed in the literal sense — though our enemies are still trying — but political correctness has disarmed us to some extent, too. How long before our freedom to speak truth is under attack as it is in the UK?


Anglophobic Americans: why?

The question is not rhetorical; I am genuinely asking, but given the paucity of comments I may not get answers. So let’s just say I am musing to myself, trying to understand why there is an ugly Anglophobia that shows itself in this country more frequently these days.

The latest example that provoked my question was an internet post that I’ve quoted a portion of. It was directed at an (apparently) British commenter who merely said he liked the British health care system. The following rant (excuse the foul language; it’s the anglophobe’s, not mine) appeared as a response:

“…Your ability to manufacture is for shit. You can’t even make a decent automobile. I mean, what the fuck do you folks even do that carries any global impact. Last time I was in an electronics store, most of your stuff sucked ass. Going to an average grocery store, or electronics store is like a 1950′s version of an American one. The packaging of your grocery items is old fashioned and stupid. You can’t even make a milkshake. It’s like a special item, if you can find it.

Stop trying to brag about anything contemporary and British. Your political system sucks ass. You finally got your wits about you with Brexit, but it’s too little, too late. You’re a cultural and demographic dead man walking. The first thing any successful entertainer does when they hit pay dirt is to get the hell out of your country.

By the way, the mean little fat fuck you’re so proud of, Winston Churchill, tricked us into getting involved in a stupid civil war he helped to orchestrate, and for what? What did all the Americans die for? On those fucking beaches Hitler ran your silly asses off of at the get-go? So you could establish a Muslim Caliphate that used to be London? And who pays to defend your country now, when push comes to shove?

WE do. If you had to pay for a military that wasn’t a joke, your “free” health benefits would not be free.

And speaking of your great insurance that you’re taxed up the ass for, many of your inhabitants teeth are still atrocious. Out in your hinterlands, Brits can still be found with giant misshapen heads, under serviced jawlines, and every other manifestation of concentrated inbreeding, even after all these years.

In short, you’ve been a bunch of fucking two-faced assholes since 1770′s, and your shit hasn’t changed.

So… quit trying to feed our sociopath liberals blank ammunition by bragging about your stupid insurance plans. Your country is on welfare. We’re carrying your fat brit asses.

Shut up, and show some respect.”

I think it’s a shame that nobody told this foul-mouthed misanthrope to ‘shut up and show some respect‘, or at least some civility and manners. But I keep forgetting, those things are considered strictly optional in this mean and cynical age, in fact, foul language and ugliness seem to be de rigueur online.

People are entitled to their opinions about anything and anyone; individuals or groups of people included. But it’s possible to express criticisms without resorting to adolescent personal insults and without bringing in irrelevant points — the discussion was supposed to be about immigration and environmentalism, by the way. Obviously this person who wrote the rant was seething with animus towards English/British people. Why are British people’s ‘bad teeth’ (a popular insult these days) and alleged unattractiveness brought up?  Or their lack of ability to make a milkshake (!)? Who develops grudges over such things? What kind of person writes online rants about such trifling irrelevancies? Apparently the kind with an unhealthy obsession with a certain country and people. Anyway what are the chances that this man has ever set foot in Britain?

He says in the full text of his post that Britain is a ‘dead’ country because of demographics, but  factually we here in the United States have a greater percentage of ”diversity”, and more immigrants and ‘refugees’ streaming in. Pot, meet kettle. We are likewise in trouble. Why do Americans gloat about the impending doom of Europe, especially Britain? As if we don’t face the same crisis. Many Americans are in denial: reminds me of Carl Sandburg’s poem with the lines ”We are the greatest city, the greatest nation; nothing like us ever was.”

If you read much online, on blogs or forums or social media you find lots of personal animus, often directed at random targets. Everybody is bold and brave online, because you don’t have to see your “enemy” or your target face to face and risk getting an equally hostile response. The Internet, unfortunately, has done a lot to destroy civility and to escalate divisions within our country as well as in the world at large. I can see some of the anger over ideological divisions, especially with the increasingly unhinged and psychotic left pushing conflict. But since when did Americans dislike British or English people just because of who they are? Just since the days of the Internet?

I’d bet the Anglophobia which is so rife now is mainly coming from people whose ancestors had some grievance against England, people whose countries were conquered or defeated by England, or under English rule. There is a lot of resentment resulting from that, many generations after the fact. Shades of the ‘legacy of slavery and discrimination.’ It’s the same kind of complaints heard from blacks or Mexicans about things that happened long ago.

Then there are the maleducated Americans who somehow think that the English were some kind of foreign invaders during the Revolutionary War. There are some Americans who don’t seem to get the fact that the colonists were, for the most part, English by ancestry, and saw themselves as English, though born in the colonies. Maybe this is because the educational propaganda teaches students that America was diverse from day one, and that all sorts of people took part in the making of America; that the English colonists were just one group amongst many multi-ethnic colonists — so naturally they don’t see why the British felt they had any claim here.

And I’ve encountered quite a few Americans who are primarily German by descent who are resentful that they did not possess America (“did you know that this country almost chose German as the official language?”) and angry that German-Americans were ‘persecuted’ during the two world wars. I think the commenter’s bitter reference to the world wars indicates German ancestry, though that mindset is rife among many Americans now.

Between the various ethnic immigrant descendants, and the partisans of the ‘Celtic South’ who equate Anglo-Saxons with ‘Puritan Yankees’: the Enemy — Anglo-Saxons can’t get any good PR these days. There seem to be few real friends of Anglo-Saxons in the U.S. nowadays, or those in our mother country, England.

Part of the motivation for this blog was to offer some historical background, and to speak up for the old-stock English-descended Americans — but it seems a fruitless effort, with so few kindred souls out there. Or is it that there are just too few willing to stand up and be counted?

Personally I’m ashamed of fellow Americans like the commenter who wrote the diatribe I quoted above. The Ugly American of the 1950s lives on, if the numbers of similar comments are any indication. And is there any solution, or must it just get worse?