More bans of UK nationalist parties

As reported on the Heritage and Destiny blog, the British ‘Terrorism Act’ has been framed in such a way that it is being used against nationalist parties and political groups in the UK.  The former leader of the National Action party, Jack Renshaw, is now in prison:

 Former NA activist Jack Renshaw is in Preston prison on remand, awaiting charges for alleged membership of a ‘terrorist’ group; several serving British soldiers were arrested for alleged NA membership a few weeks ago in a still mysterious case; and this week several individuals seen as the former leaders of NA were similarly arrested, though not yet charged.

British media coverage, such as the linked stories above, are very biased and make the accused men out to be dangerous, not to mention loathsome. Imagine the inflammatory language they used in describing the accused being used to describe the people arrested in connection with actual terrorism. I’m inclining towards believing You Tube blogger BritGirl’s assertion that the EU signed a pact, creating a Euro-Mediterranean Project, which  guaranteed mass immigration from Islamic countries, and implicitly gave some kind of privileged status to the immigrants in Europe. How else can we explain the servile behavior of our political classes toward Islam and their apparent animus towards their own people, the people they supposedly represent? It can’t all be incompetence and fecklessness.

The article in Heritage and Destiny indicates that there is some kind of impending crackdown on Islamic extremist groups and that for the sake of ‘even-handedness’ some home-grown nationalists will be targeted as well.

In our country I see no such crackdown, but it does seem as though even the mildest action that might be construed as anti-Moslem (such as Trump’s proposed temporary travel ban involving a few Moslem nations) was thwarted by leftist judges. The Islamic lobby in the U.S., exemplified by CAIR, is very vocal in denouncing ‘Islamophobia’. Our political leaders have all ritually denounced the ‘alt-right’ and ‘White supremacists’ but would they dare denounce Islamic extremists, or even our home-grown antifas and extremist leftists?

Whether these actions in Britain against nationalist groups are an ominous sign of less freedom of thought and speech, or whether they are just an effort to avoid accusations of Islamophobia, remains to be seen.

It does seem as though freedoms throughout former Christendom are shrinking.


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