On the ‘whitewashing’ or glossing over, covering up the origins of our nation:

“America was a sapling grown from a stately British Yew that stretched all the way back to the Magna Carta and Anglo-Saxon common law. In this culture, happiness meant family, service, and lots of sweat. Its freedom was the freedom to pick a wife, to select a service, and to decide just how much sweat would be exuded for both. Being subsidized to mill around the house was not the British way. America was born out of, and crafted for, the descendants of this tradition: white and Christian. The men of early America could never have imagined how severely their words would be twisted into absurdities.

Some might say that the tradition from which these ideals were born is secondary to the ideals themselves. The problem with this claim, however, is that the founding fathers never intended for these ideals to be practiced by anyone but those like themselves. Being white and having mostly Christian convictions were necessary prerequisites.

A tradition is not just its ideals but also its people: and the tradition that made America was a tradition of Europeans from a damp and drizzly island in the North Atlantic.

This truth, like all truths, is timeless. It will survive the frantic scribbling of the revisionists who hope to fool us into thinking America was always diverse. We can frame our axiom in this way: swipe a stodgy, pink eraser over American whites and you will erase America altogether. America will linger on as a geographical blob on maps, but America as a living tradition will be left to dust.”

The above quotes are from a piece by Fritz Pendleton, at Social Matter, titled The Great White Suicide.

The excerpts above resonate with the theme of this blog, as have several other recent essays from various members of the AltRight/ethnonationalist spectrum. It’s good to see this acknowledged by more people lately, as it has been denied or simply not acknowledged by most people for so long.

Read the whole piece, as Pendleton explains the role of the ‘Whitewashers’ in what he calls the Great White Suicide. There are more than a few bloggers and writers who have questioned the idea of ‘suicide’ on the part of Whites; did we jump, or were we pushed? I would quibble about how our predicament came about, but it’s open to debate, and I think the blog piece is worth reading.

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